About Us

Mark – Managing Director

Mark has advised private & business clients on a diverse range of property transactions across the R.O.I. & UK.

He engages with a core group of reputable Estate Agents & Land Buyers introducing him to new UK & Irish Development opportunities on a weekly basis.

Mark is highly regarded within the industry for his thorough knowledge of market value & construction costs. His pro-active deal making skills alongside his extensive experience in Development Appraisal make him the ideal choice for all investors.

Mark’s residential construction cost consultancy firm has operated successfully for in excess of 12 years. His keen interest in and understanding of, the needs of the client, combined with his project management skills ensures the building project runs smoothly, within a carefully planned time frame & above all within budget.


Marie – Company Secretary B.Ed in Economics

Marie has built a strong rapport wth subcontractors throughout the south east over the past decade and her attention to detail in all aspects of the design process ensures high quality finishes are demanded throughout your residential build.

With her background in Economics Marie carefully studies market forces and their impact on investment opportunities within the property and construction industry. Marie also offers her years of experience in interior design to help you put the finishing touches to your new or renovated home.